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If you’re in the market for a new apartment you most likely try to find something special. In many cases special means being suffused with light. Light, especially in urban areas and big cities has become a rare commodity.

Leslie Nooteboom is a freelance Innovation Design Engineer, currently living in London. He’s hoping to bring products onto the market that reflect the need for light. His current product, the komorebi is nothing short of a sensational approach to supply the people with this rare commodity and everything our hearts and minds associate it with.

Try to really listen to his own words, his attempt to bring back a sensation of nature, an idea of what we lose living inside these tall buildings:

komorebi is sunlight filtering through leaves, creating a dance of light and shadows where filtered sunrays hit a surface. It is the reflections on pavements underneath centuries-old trees on a sunny day, and moving, framed lightboxes through windows of homes onto walls.

Nooteboom reminds us, that lighting needs to be a sensation, not artificial and it needs to be incorporated once again to guide us through the time and space of our everyday lives.

And this is what komorebi does, letting you create natural lighting indoors, even though or especially through technology. As a product bridging the gap between nature and this very technology, the komorebi is programmable to change the shape of its light, matching any location and surface.

Therefore, the prototype consists of three different parts. A dynamic projector, a platform and the projection itself. Each one adds something to the unique experience, turning round constantly to find a location and waiting for a self-made light experience that can be transferred onto the platform with a computer generating the artificial sunlight necessary.

There are literally no boundaries for this code-based light and visuals. Nooteboom calls it serendipity, a lucky coincidence that’s signaling a glimpse of nature, where the inimitability of any given moment is key to our experience. 

Could this be one of the most beautiful lamps ever built? See the light and feel the ripples to judge for yourself:

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