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Seattle-based Human Inc. is on its way to improve wireless connectivity as we know it. The stealthy startup behind the Sound program raised US$5 million in investment capital earlier last the year and is now starting to reveal some features that will underpin its ambitious flagship product.

Its debut earphones are planned to upgrade not just wireless listening, but can be used as portable speakers and language translators, too. The sleek looking earphones are designed to totally encapsulate the ear and offer a far more personal surround sound experience. People familiar with Parrot’s high-end Zik 2.0 headphones will also love the possibility of increasing or decreasing ambient noise.

But the list of handy features doesn’t stop here. It will also enable multiple wearers to tune into the same device, or if the situation calls for it, double as portable speakers with volume and sound quality that the company claims will be superior to most smartphones. A consistent sync between both ears is also promised.

Saving the best for last the company is coming up with a really bold claim indicating these devices will have some sort of language translation. So aiming at ‘breaking the language barrier’ is another soon-to-be revealed function sounding like it might have some similarities to the Pilot earpiece. The later is designed to provide near real-time translations of multilingual conversations, leading us into Star Trek — Territory.

On top of all that, Human Inc. promises an even more tactile future — bringing to life intuitive controls for volume adjustment, track selection and answering phone calls. The company claims the earphones will connect with mobile devices instantaneously. If this would really be the case, we finally could be witnessing some sort of technological leap with Bluetooth.

So far minor things like pricing, availability remain unknown… But hey, if they really manage to cram all of these features into one single package, a device not much larger than your ear, it’ll be an accomplishment that could warrant any kind of price tag — at least for me.

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