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Star Trek’s Mirror Universe is anything but boring and was, according to Spock, a parallel realm filled with brutality, savage and perfidiousness. A universe that his alter ego went on to change.

The different stories in the Mirror Universe were always meant to break up with the uberly scientific, philosophical and intellectual aspects of Star Trek, showing a world that seemingly stuck in archaic behavior. It’s also a fan-favorite world, something worthy of returning to and exploring.

The last thing we saw on television was an ailing, failing Terran Empire surrounded by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance in the 24th century. A time filled with many interesting plots, especially for the DS9 cast that went on to ‘wander between the two worlds’ five times and as early as in its second season.

Even though DS9 was planned as a more dark, sinister or dangerous version of the otherwise rather stringent Star Trek universe, fans throughout the world always wondered what could have been.

They were asking for a TNG episode set in this Mirror universe, that actually was never coined this way. But nonetheless, it’s a missing piece for TNG, obviously, be it in a parallel or other universe.

Some believe that the Crew of TNG was never meant to be in such an alternative reality with characters unfitting the primordial manner of the world they would be colliding with. Others think of TNG as perfectly cohesive with Gene Roddenberry’s imagined take on civilizations roaming the vast space together, but still… what could have been?

Fortunately, there is more to the Star Trek universe, but movies and TV-shows. In fact, even bigger exploration has been done in Star Trek Novels and, of course, comics where one can stray away from the canon.

A new team behind the latest installments of Star Trek comics does just that, leaving the current canon and bringing us The Next Generation set in the dark universe as Star Trek: Mirror Broken.

It’s a six-issue miniseries created by Scott and David Tipton featuring artwork painted by J.K. Woodward. They sat down with io9 to talk about what has happened to their version of Jean-Luc Picard who remotely brings back memories of a Wrestling character, but not in a bad way. Here’s an enlightening quote from the interview with Scott Tipton chiming in on the team’s motivation to go for TNG:

As always, the easiest answer is the simplest: no one else had. Since the Next Generation’s cast was almost entirely a blank slate in the Mirror Universe, we couldn’t resist the opportunity when asked to fill in the gaps and bring the Mirror TNG crew to life.

You can judge for yourself if this trip to the other world is a worthwhile endeavor or if it's straying too far from the canon, when Star Trek: Mirror Broken #1 finally becomes available on shelves tomorrow, May 17.

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