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In order to become an active member of a sustainable society, you actually don’t need to do much or invent anything. As a matter of fact, sometimes, doing nothing within a destructive system is enough.

Instead, you have a look at your community to see what kind of open-source projects outside the usual paths present a challenge and opportunity.

Empowering anyone with a love for the ocean, its ecosystem and fishing should be looking at GreenWave, a company founded by fellow commercial fisherman Bren Smith and Emily Stengal.

As experts in the field of sustainable food systems, they invented something truly remarkable. Their floating and underwater 3D farm is a revolutionary model of harvesting what lies beneath the ocean and a possibility for people willing to set up their own restorative ocean farm. All you need to invest is the sum of around $20,000 and one year of work. The design itself is meant to be replicated.

With over 10,000 edible plants in the sea and more of the United States underwater than above, this is our opportunity to rearrange the seafood plate and reduce pressure on fish stocks, with sustainable seagreens in the middle and wild fish at the edges.

You’ll then be such an active supporter for a sustainable world, helping to regenerate the ocean, providing jobs and sustainable food to others. The aqua cultural farming system promises to return plenty of seaweed and shellfish. Seaweed, in particular, is known to absorb or filter 5 times as much greenhouse gas as land-based plants.

The work of GreenWave has been awarded many times already, and after being able to catch the Fuller Challenge back in 2015 they now reeled in another big fish, the 2017 INDEX: Award as a work winner.

Learn more about the vision and mission of GreenWave here and help to build what is called the Blue-Green Economy.

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