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It’s official - a new collection of studies summarizes how drummers have become super smart. Even though there’s a variety of factors the most important one directly relates to being in rhythm.

A series of reports from Oxford, Harvard, and other renowned universities tried to capture ‘the essence of smartness’ the dude at the back of a band obviously evaporates.

What they found is that the drummer isn’t the head scratcher that you might think he or she is, in fact, they’re more likely to be the smartest of them all.

Researchers at Stockholm’s Karolinska Institutet even found that drummers who were able to keep a tighter rhythm also scored better on a 60-question intelligence test, well reflected in better problem-solving skills and also creating a positive impact on those around them while they are at it.

But there’s more to make the drummer reading this piece happy. Other studies added that rhythmic music actually makes people smarter. A University of Washington study showed significantly better results from participants who undertook rhythmic light and sound therapy. On top of that, researchers from the University of Texas tested the same process on children with ADD, concluding that it not only had the very same effect as Ritalin, but their IQ’s actually went up proportional.

Looking beyond the more simple intelligence aspect, Oxford University later found that drummers produced a “natural high” when playing together, heightening both pain and happiness thresholds quite significantly.

Last but not least, at Harvard, they discovered that drummers who then missed a beat were actually tapping into the wavelike rhythm of the earth instead.

Now it is what is – drummers are not only smarter than everybody around them, but they are also living in harmony with the earth and very likely are happier than you are.

So, taking some lessons, albeit loud and somewhat expensive, obviously pays out for all of us!

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