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Domes represent a way of constructing buildings that inherit a lot of things long forgotten. They always resemble an attitude to go green, can be built in a highly efficient process and literally feature a breath of fresh air if you’re living in it.

Here comes architect Nicoló Bini envisioning a construction method that provides highly efficient building envelopes, naturally stronger and more flexible in size and shape. Using air as his formwork, the so-called Binishells could easily be seen as the greenest way to construct an amazing bubble-shaped habitat.

They can also be built fast and cost efficient, becoming affordable for almost any application area, ranging from high-end residential to schools, gymnasiums, commercial buildings or even emergency shelters.

Binishells are created by using a revolutionary pneumatic process. First, low air pressure is used to create the dome shape, then the raw construction is reinforced with both steel and sprayed concrete.

The unique process is somewhat of a ‘family recipe’ handed down from his father Dante, who built the first Binishell in 1964. During his lifetime, thousands of other Binishells were built, before Nicoló became so engrossed that he began his mission of bringing these eco-friendly structures into our century. So, it’s an ongoing process of refining, rethinking and incorporating the very best to make buildings as safe, green and affordable as possible.

If you’re thinking about supporting Nicoló or want to buy one of the Binishells outright, he’s currently working with La Kretz Innovation Campus to expand the design addressing the needs popping up in urban areas everywhere.

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