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Thank you, Doctor Julian Bashir because you were right back then and now. CBS left us a bit puzzled, with some unanswered questions and a Star Trek canon that could be redesigned.

This is what CBS offers as their official synopsis:

Before Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise there was Discovery. Now, one of the most iconic and influential global franchises returns to television with Star Trek: Discovery. The CBS All Access Original Series arrives this Fall.

Set 10 years before The Original Series, the new show will follow the Discovery, a ship that is at least filled with stars like Michelle Yeoh, Sonequah Martin-Green (The Walking Dead), Jason Isaacs (Awake) as Captain Lorca; Doug Jones (Hellboy) as Lt. Saru; James Frain (Gotham) as Spock’s father; and Anthony Rapp (Rent) as Lt. Stamets.

Style wise you can expect top notch visuals that breathe fresh air into the Star Trek Universe, even though the jump in technological advances is noticeable compared to the original.

Nonetheless, and for those who expect Klingons to always have wild long hair, those Klingons did actually change their appearance before, whenever it suited them or an augmented virus ran wild.

It was also announced that the first season will get 15 episodes, up from 13, as well as an aftershow called Talking Trek.

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