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What happens if you allow twelve architects to reinvent the secondary house? Using a vast estate in Matarraña, Spain, the expression of creativity became the major driver in reimagining our world in transformation. Architecture now has the freedom to set up almost any type of building thanks to the invention of new materials and methods.

The Japanese architects of Makoto Takei + Chie Nabeshima /TNA came up with the unexpected. Their beautiful pyramid picks up one of the oldest and most fascinating architectural structures of humanity and literally turns it upside down. This approach is not unusual. Japanese architecture always invites you to discover nature in a completely new way by integrating it.

Roughness, light, material or color play a major role in Japanese design and as abstract as the pyramid may seem at first, it really fits into the overall picture. Geometric forms are part of nature, part of the mathematical code of all things visible and hidden and the contrast between its sharp edges and the harshness of the natural landscape surrounding it blurs after a while.

It blends in a way, that you almost don’t notice the swimming pool in its same striking geometry wouldn't it be for the long, wide footbridge to the water.

Even though it is the architect's idea of playing with natural geometry in a natural environment, the scenery somehow comes from another world, calling the viewer to linger. Now linger, stay and be amazed. Have a look at the wonderful building in its pure and massive manifestation and how it almost seems to carry itself on a single column.

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